We bring a distinctive approach to artistic expression, development and productions for musicians, film-makers and organizations through a harmonic marriage of sounds and technology.

Harmonic Whale is a sound design & production house partnering with artists,  producers and organizations to create harmonious experiences.

We are an artistic firm based in Melbourne, Australia, employing a strong network of highly qualified, award winning individuals to produce quality work for our clients. We enjoy opportunities to work with individuals or teams who bring forth unusual and interesting projects, and welcome the possibility to combine cutting edge technology with artistic development of epic proportions.


What We Do

We help our clients bring projects to life, from their initial conception as an idea or abstract notion to a final presentation that can take many forms.

We work with people all around the globe, employing in depth knowledge across a broad range of aspects of the creative industry, seeking to explore the relationship between technology and society. We aim to incorporate social impact and dialog in our work.


Our work ranges from sound design for video and documentaries, to artistic development of a concept.

Music production

  • Artistic Development
  • Recording
  • Post-Production

Artistic Development

Artistic Development
Professional development

Sound Design

Sound Design
Sound Effects

Audio Production

  • Audio Editing
  • Audio Cleaning
  • Video/Podcast Audio Production

Marketing Audio

Logo Sound Design
Video Production
Audio location
Audio for filmmakers

Live sound

Boutique Events
Hire and management
Live Recording & video capture
Audio & Lighting Systems

Audio Systems

Consulting Services
Audio lbraries

Professional Development

  • Workshops
  • Presentations
  • Curriculum development 

Let's create some harmonies.

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